Growing up I always knew
I was meant to leave my home
And travel somewhere new

I never felt I fitted in,
With the time zone, the people,
And the stories they’d spin

One day I left those shores
I sailed off around the world,
Searching for more

And now, I’ve seen so many places
Different countries, different faces
But nothing prepared me for
The greatest change inside
The one deep in my core

There’s no anchor, no anchor here.
I’m lost, drifting at sea.
There’s no anchor here.
As I lose all I know myself to be
I’m losing my identity.

I guess I’ve moved too many times.
Perhaps I heard too many stories
And lost track of mine

And all the languages inside
Have changed my thinking,
my vision,
I feel I’m going blind

And now, it seems I’ve lost sight,
Of that clarity within,
that strong guiding line
I’m caught between worlds,
In the lands out there,
as well as in myself

My old friend do you remember
when we were young?
We’d spend our days
at the beach under the sun
It was a time filled with magic,
mystery and fun,
Yeah, we were free

And ain’t it crazy
how fast time can change?
Suddenly we were
going separate ways
You landed in London
with your star on the stage
Whilst I was a gypsy

It’s a long way back,
When we’re oceans
and worlds apart
It’s a long way home,
My old friend

Do you remember
our teenage years?
We’d sit up for hours
talking ’bout our fears
But together we’d make
the world disappear
And finally find our peace

It’s a long way back
When time drifts us like the sea
It’s a long way home,
My old friend

And I think you’ve already
said goodbye
Deep inside you’ve cut me
from your life
But have you lost sight
Of the promises we made
To love one another
Be there for each other
Till our dying day

It’s a long way back,
When I’m holding on
to what we had
It’s a long way home
My old friend

I die a thousand times a night
My heart freezes over in fright

Cause a sinister form
Awakens as a thunder storm
And haunts every bone in me

It’s under my bead,
It’s in my head
When I close my eyes
I can’t sleep at night
I see its face
I can’t turn away
I’m haunted by a shadow

And every time
I try to fight
It pins my legs
Down to that bed
I go to scream
But I can’t breathe
I’m haunted by a shadow

It must be my sinful curse
To bear this demon since birth

Cause its evil claws scrape
Over every path I take
There’s no escape for me

And in the silent hour of midnight
This blackened curse pours
through my skin
It weaves itself inside my mind
Caging me down until nights end

I see its face
In every place
Its horrid stare
Feeds on my fear
Those haunted eyes
Burn through my mind
That shadow

So I’m gonna take
A silver knife
And prepare
To end its life
I’m gonna face
The demon inside
My shadow

Close the door
Turn out the light
Take of your clothes
and lay down beside me
I’ll warm you tonight

Rest that head
And calm those inner seas,
Put down your weapons
and weary defenses
Be here, naked with me

Open up your heart
Let love inside
Life’s too short
and we’re getting older
Let me love you tonight

I’ve heard the scars
That haunt your sleepless nights
Here in my arms
free your cold, tortured past
I’ll be your light

You’re not alone, no not alone
Don’t linger here, on your own

Open up your heart
Let love inside
In the depth of the darkness
my heart knows no limit,
I’ll warm you tonight,
I’ll hold you right
Let me love you

A little girl swept away
in a thunder-storm.
Faintly she cries
but disappears in your eyes

Gone are the days,
freedom to dream her life away
The eleventh hour is creeping
in this torrential shower

You fail to see the entirety in your hands.
This ship is sinking behind your eyes

A painful past hidden
beneath your sub-conscience
Reveals itself with every emotion felt

You fail to see the entirety in your hands.
This ship is sinking down.

Closed eyes

There you sit, on your own,
so confused and alone,
A battle with yourself

That fight, I know well,
yeah it’s been a bitter hell
To find myself

You’ve got to block,
block out the noise
From everyone else
To hear the voice, inside

You were taught from the start,
to be someone you’re not
And that conviction
Is etched upon your heart

I can see, your blue eyes,
are downing in this lie
And the friction
Is tearing your apart

So you’ve got to find,
find the strength need
To turn your back on
Who you’re supposed to be

Live your life
From the voice inside
What you feel is right
Take a chance this time
Everything you’ll need comes
Everything you’ll need comes
From the voice inside

They say a picture
paints a thousand words,
But in your eyes
are written millions
I read the tales of forgotten dreams
Lingering beneath the seams of you

You live behind your own stories
Find it safer to fail than to succeed
Judge yourself on what you’re not,
Than embracing, everything you’ve got

All the baggage that binds,
that lead held inside,
only weights you down
All the fears that blind,
the doubts in your mind,
chain you to the ground

Your inner light was born to fly,
can’t you see
The living power behind your eyes
sets you free,
It’s your beauty

That iron fortress
carved inside your skin
Blocks the past out
but traps you within
Those walls cause you so much pain
They block your light,
they stand in your way

You’re unique,
so give what you came to give
You’re unique,
so live

A baby comes into life,
With an innocent cry
With an untouched mind

While somewhere parallel in time
A man closes his eyes
And says goodbye.

People come, come and go,
right before our eyes
This movie plays on and on
throughout our lives

Time goes on and on again
The past is just a story
in our heads
All the things we cling to will
one day end
But time goes on
and on and on again

Everyday feels the same
Blink and you’ve missed a page
In this crazy game

Seconds turn into years
As all our dreams and fears
Rise then disappear

Moments pass like photographs
strung in a line
These chain events shape
the world we recognize

Time goes on and on again
Tomorrow is just a story
in our heads
All the things we cling to will
one day end
But time goes on
and on and on again

Where to buy “Drifting”?

If you want to support me the most, get the physical album and other merchandise, then buy Drifting via Bandcamp. It’s available as Digital Download, CD and Deluxe CD.

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This album is so special to me. It contains songs written with love,
that speak honestly about life, relationships, self-acceptance and uncertainty.
I’m so proud to share this work with you! And it would never have been possible
without the love and support of so many beautiful people who believe in me, including:

Adrian Nunn
Alexandre Yi Kim
Andi Rosel
Andrea G. E. Nieboer
Axel Naumann – Villa von Bergen
Colin “Tech Dude” Sharman
Denis Reed
Florian Lilienthal
Gisbert Löcher
Hanns-Jakob Eckert-Schwegler
Heiko Jahn
Iris & Christoph Klein

Jamie Rosales
Javier Fuente
Jens Naumann
Joachim Petrow “RooRox”
Julia Philippi
Jürgen Sottung
Marianne Fischer
Max Druckrey
Peter & Simone Roth
Shigeo Midge Suzuki

A BIG thank you must also go to all of my friends & family,
to each of the musicians I am so blessed to work with,
and to Markus Born & the team at Kleine Audiowelt –
all of whom I couldn’t have done this without!


Florian Sitzmann on Keyboards & Piano (tracks 2, 4, 5, 8)
Tobias Nessel on Drums & Percussion (tracks 3, 4, 6, 7)
Frederic Michel on Drums (track 1)
Nelly Noack on Cello (tracks 2, 4, 5, 8)
Catherine Biondi on Violin (tracks 2, 8)
Christian Marley on Saxophones & Clarinet (tracks 5, 6)
Jan Lindqvist on E-Guitar & Steel Pedal (tracks 3, 6, 7)
Markus Born on Acoustic Guitar (track 7), E-Guitar & Bass (tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 7)

Tracks 2, 4, 5 & 8 written by Nicole Kirbanu Klein
Tracks 1, 3, 6 & 7 written by Nicole Kirbanu Klein & Markus Born

All songs produced by Markus Born
and mastered by Marcus Wüst
at Kleine Audiowelt,
Sandhausen, Germany (2015)

Cover Photography by Daniel Weisser